My Disclosure & Barring Certificate print out will be coming soon.

My Certificate Number is 0016 7363 4440

This Certificate is enhanced and you should not book an entertainer without it for your peace of mind.

My Public Liability is with Equity and I am covered for £10,000,000

My equity number is M00409231

You can contact Equity to confirm this if you wish.

Risk Assessment


Performer: Kris Naylor

Stage Name: Crazy Kris

Role: Children’s Entertainer


Problem Description Solution
Fire Exits & Public Access Kris cannot be asked to perform in front of a designated fire exit, or public right of way. He can not block doors or paths to stop the public from passing. Kris will set up in front of a wall or corner of the room where access is not blocked.

If performing walkabout entertainment, he will avoid doorways.

The audience should be able to enter and exit the performance area in an orderly manner without risk of injury.

There should be no obstructions or obstacles to impede their exit.

All exits and walk ways must be clearly illuminated and signposted.

Unmonitored Young children


A young child may walk into the performing area and hurt themselves by pushing over his props, standing behind him when he doesn’t notice or interfering with the entertainment. Kris is not the child’s parent. If no adult takes ownership of the child, he would stop the show and wait for a responsible adult to remove the problem child from the performing area before continuing.
Sunburn & Heatstroke When performing outside, their is a potential to be sunburnt and suffer heat stroke / fainting. Kris will be performing indoor or under cover such as a marquee. He will not perform uncovered, outside for any long duration of time and he will be drinking plenty of liquids.
Security of Audience Children may get aggressive with each other, and volatile physical actions may take place due to personal issues between those children. Kris will stop the show and wait for a responsible adult to step in and remove the problematic children. He will not get involved himself, other than to protect surrounding children, himself and his props from getting damaged.
Capacity of hall, theatre, or place of performance. Too many children and adults may be squashed into a space not big enough for that location. Should room capacity be reached, the door will be closed and all further attendees will be turned away by the event organiser so as to comply with fire regulations.
Electrical Equipment For some of Kris’ performances, music and lights are used. Wires will be required to plug the equipment into a power socket. When plug sockets are needed, Kris will set up his equipment as close to them as possible to avoid trailing wires on the floor. All connections will be behind the units themselves, away from public view.

If any wires would go through a public right-of-way, that piece of equipment which required the wire will either not be used or run on battery power if available.

On some occasions, tape can secure the wire to the ground, to minimize the potential for injury.

Falling Objects A child or adult may push on Kris’ backdrops or equipment causing them to fall over onto other people.


All Kris’ equipment is safe and stable at time of setting up. It would require a deliberate act of force to knock anything over. The backdrops have two feet for added stability and the PA rests on a stand for added stability also.

No child or adults is allowed into the performance area unless they are invited by the performer.

Nothing of Kris’ should be leaned on at any time. If Kris sees someone mistaking his banners for a wall for example, he will stop the show, and ask the offending person to step back so as to prevent injury to themselves and others.

Medical Emergency A member of the audience may hurt themselves, or another child hurts someone else during one of the games. Kris is the entertainer only, and is not responsible for any child’s behaviour. The show will be stopped and that child’s parent will be expected to see to their child’s needs.

If there is a medial issue of any kind, the event organiser will be contacted to help the child and resolve the situation.

Choking Hazard & Allergies Some performers like to give out sweets as prizes or the parents like to feed their children during the show itself, which can cause choking when they start laughing. Kris does not give out food products of any kind to avoid not only choking, but allergy, religious and obesity issues also.

If a parent attempts to feed their child during the show, Kris will stop performing and request that all food be removed before continuing. However it is the responsibility of that child’s parent to determine if they wish to do that.

(Kris only gives out sweets as a prize to be eaten at the end of the show.)

Fire Some magicians used fire products in their performance or flash paper.

Candles may also be lit on birthday cakes.

Kris does not use any fire products of any kind in his show.

Where birthday candles are in use, he does his best to keep the children back, and the birthday child’s hair away from the flames. But he does not provide the cake or candles and so it is therefore the responsibility of the parent / event organiser to ensure all the children are kept away from the flames.

Slipping on a wet floor Children can be messy and spill their drinks and food on the floor of the performing / dancing area. Kris will request that the floor area be thoroughly clear before starting the show. The event organiser will need to have tissues / or cloths to clean the area before he can continue, so that no-one can slip on the wet floor.
Trapped fingers, bumps and scrapes Children may trap their fingers on certain props or equipment, or fall over when walking. Children can be clumsy and get into accidents. All reasonable safety measures will be taken by Kris and it is the responsibility of the event organiser to have a well maintained first aid box available to remedy the injury they may have attained.
Paper Cuts Kris may choose to give all the children a free magic trick on a piece of cardboard. It is possible that a child may get a paper cut or hurt their eyes with the paper. All children receiving the trick will be over the age of three so they will be a suitable age to use common sense.

Any paper cuts caused by accidents will be required to get a plaster, which should be available from the venues first aid box, as maintained by the event organiser or venue landlord.  This is be handled by the child’s parent, legal guardian, or event organiser.

Walking down stairs On occasion, there may be a stair case between the door and the performing area. This could be in the cellar of a house, or to get onto a stage. All children and adults will be instructed to walk up and down the stairs, and not to run. A responsible adult will be needed to stand at the bottom of the stairs to catch anyone that may slip and depending on the environment; additional helpers may be required to escort the person from the staircase back to their seat.
Performing in the dark On occasion, some clients like to switch off all the lights to turn the room into a nightclub type environment. This makes bumping into people a higher possibility. Emergency lighting should always be kept on. The illumination of the room should never be so low that the guests cannot see the way to the exit.

If the lighting is lost due to a fuse being blown or other matter, Stephen will stop the show and wait for the illumination to return before continuing.

Balloons – Chocking hazard A young child may put a balloon into their mouth and bite upon it, creating a chocking hazard. Balloon Models will not be given to any child under the age of three. If a parent of a child under that age wishes their child to have a balloon, the balloon will be made and given to the parent. It is then up to them to choose what they wish to do with it.
Smoke effects Smoke pyrotechnics can cause limited visibility.  It could also set off smoke alarms. Kris does not use smoke pyrotechnics in his stage or children’s show.

He may on occasion use it in his close-up act, but the smoke he is using is water vapour, so completely safe, and in very small amounts which will not harm visibility. It also dissipates within a few seconds of appearing.

Unknown venue related issues Kris has never visited the venue before and has no idea on what to expect.

Other obstacles such as toilets not working, doorways being too narrow, light bulbs not working – any issue related to the building itself.

The venue is chosen by the event organiser. Kris will do his absolute best to work in the location provided for him.

It is however up to the event organiser to ensure the building is well maintained and up to a reasonable safe level.

If for any reason Kris believes the building or performing area to be too unsafe for either him or the guests due to things like flooding, stray electrical wires, construction equipment or weather related problems then he will be required to perform his show at a different location.


Kris is the entertainment only, and is not responsible for any children. He is not their legal guardian or career and should never be left alone with them. He is not a day-care provider, nurse or parent. Kris only performs his show to children older than 3 years, where a level of common sense should have developed making them responsible for their own actions.

He is not responsible in the selection of the venue or its layout. Any problems related to the venue have nothing to do with Kris.

He is not responsible for any food or drink served at the event, or how it is served. Any food related issues are the responsibility of the party booker and the parent. He is not responsible for any cutlery, the stability of the chairs or tables, or equipment that is not his own.