The Best Childrens Magic Party Has To Be With Crazy Kris!


How to survive a Children's magic party with Crazy Kris' Magic Tips


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If your holding a children's magic party there is a list of things you might or not know of what to do to avoid problems.


(1) Booking

When shall I book an entertainer? Book you entertainer first.

When planning your children’s magic party make sure you have booked your chosen children's entertainer before you book the hall. There is nothing more frustrating to find your have booked your hall, sent out the invitations, but can't get an entertainer. As a general rule of thumb, good entertainers get booked up two months in advance.

December bookings start coming in after the summer holidays. Some company parties are booked first week in January when everyone has returned to work and decided on the date.

So it is never too soon, to book the entertainer. Always plan ahead and don’t leave it to the last minute.

(2) Invites

Children’s magic parties can sometimes be stressful and deciding who can come and who can’t is difficult for the child. Pleasing everyone is impossible and you are best to invite the whole class as not all will turn up. Your child receives lots of gifts and becomes very popular.

(3) Party Balloons

Before the children’s magic party so many parents spend time blowing up balloons and covering the floor with them, then the children come in a pop them all, leaving a mess that the adults have to clean up. There is also the safety issue of children jumping onto the balloon to pop it! Make sure you stick them up if possible

(4) Bouncy castles

When using bouncy castles at the children’s magic parties the children love them, but it is a sure way to end up with a younger child or children crying, because they have fell and hurt themselves. During my magic shows I insist on any bouncy castle being turned off, as it is a big distraction if I am performing. If you plan to have one please let Kris know.

(5) Food

The Children will waste a lot of the food. If they are allowed to choose what the put on there plate, it will be piled high with Crisps, Cakes and various other types of sweet things. Don't give them too much. One or two small sandwiches, some fruit a small tomato and a small cake a chocolate bar. Don't forget the drink!

It is better to plate up the food, preferably in pre-packed boxes or paper bags. This makes sure all the foods is contained in the box rather than falling of a plate onto the floor, were it will be walked on.

Children can also be asked to place their rubbish back into the box or paper bag when they have finished, which makes cleaning up easier.

(6) Feeding Times & Birthday Cake

Feeding the children is best after the magic show so Kris can pack the show away and prepare for the games and they can burn all those sweet items off during the games. If you leave food out or before its a distraction through out the show.

(7) Stage

If you book a venue/hall with a stage make sure the kids are not alowed on the stage as this is a accident waiting to happen and could ruin the party before its started.

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