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Crazy Kris has a small range of magic items that you can order to your party if needed.

Crazy Kris has these magic sets from only £2. These come with a smal wand, card tricks, booklet and there are 3 types.










Magic Wand Tricks

Did you recieve or win a magic wand from Crazy Kris' Crazy Magic show?

You too can learn Crazy Kris' Crazy wand tricks;


When learning magic such as the magic wand tricks always remember never tell anyone how you do it, keep it a secret and practice, practice and yes practice to you get it perfect!

Have fun and a magic time with your new magic wand;

Crazy Kris 🙂

Crazy Kris sells these high quality playing cards that all magicians use because of the high quality and easy handling.

These are only £1.99 for either blue back or red backs per pack.






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If you’re interested in booking Crazy Kris the Children’s magician, fell free to have a no obligation chat by contacting Kris directly at  or telephone  07908 799 729