Childrens Entertainer Based In Warrington


Contact Kris on 07908 799 729 now to see if he’s available or email him for details.

Kris Naylor AKA ‘Crazy Kris’ specializes in children’s birthday parties, christenings, school entertainment, fêtes, festivals and corporate events all around the Northwest.

Crazy Kris always takes the time to invite the special birthday child, to assist him with some of the  magic.  And entices all the children to become involved with the other acts and creates a super ambiance. This ensures that all of the children feel part of the show. 

Do you think the local regular entertainers can offer these options?

  1. Do a comedy, silly magic show with your child taking part and being the star? yes
  2. Play up to date games that are new to the children? Yes
  3. Give a birthday child a special present prize? Yes
  4. Give prizes during the fun games? Yes
  5. Does your child receive a special birthday certificate for helping out? Yes
  6. Pass the parcel where everyone receives a prize? Yes

Does that please you? as that’s a Yes…Yes and a massive super big loud Crazy Kris Yes!

The N#1 children’s entertainer Warrington can offer has to be Crazy Kris with out a doubt.

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 If you’re interested in booking Crazy Kris the Children’s entertainer, fell free to have a no obligation chat by contacting Kris directly at  or telephone  07908 799 729